Our Motivation

Mountains of undetermined samples



For years, samples from monitoring projects have been collected at various institutes, museums and centers. However, there is no budget and never so much time to have all these samples and mixed samples sorted and determined by taxonomists in the classical way.

We can digitize collected samples of decades - now!


Standard one time analysis of data

In general, samples from monitoring projects or DNA sequences are evaluated or synchronized with the database only once. The databases continue to evolve and the information on existing species, new species, and additional comparison lists (e.g., red list) are kept up-to-date. However, the once generated sequences are not continuously compared with the new data base and results from old monitoring projects can not be compared for example due to different evaluation methods or different nomenclature.

We can update existing DNA data through dynamic matching. Data can continuously be compared and extended over years with the latest results.


DNA barcoding makes routine species identification automatable

Not only the species are threatened with extinction, even those experts who still have the necessary knowledge for species identification and determination of new species - so-called taxonomists - are dying out. We are in a taxonomic crisis! So why not use the few taxonomists to identify new species from non-focus groups and use the technology for monotone species identification of thousands of mixed samples?

With our technology we support projects that generate mass species identification so that the specialists have time for special questions and the identification of new species!



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