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In 2016, two young scientists at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology recognized the need for genetic identification in times of taxonomic crisis and the worldwide dramatic loss of species. They founded Advanced Identification Methods - AIM - GmbH. After 10 years of scientific work within the barcoding projects, we can draw on and build on sound knowledge gained from international cooperations.


Our drive was and is the support and the rapid achievement of broad-based biodiversity monitoring in order to record the current biodiversity quickly and digitally and thus contribute to the protection of nature and species. Because, as Goethe already said "You only see what you know". This sentence applies in nature conservation as the premise "One respects and protects only what one knows and understands."


It was also Goethe who recognized biodiversity as a whole with the sentence "The fleas and the bugs also belong to the whole". Biodiversity, the diversity of species, consists not only of the diversity of individual focus groups, but mostly of unnoticed and difficult or unidentifiable species. The AIM team strives for a holistic biodiversity monitoring 2.0 in the digital age - a collection of all occurring species. It is vital for conservation that the status quo of all species can be captured in their current state to better protect them.


We use our expertise to identify, among others, samples for authorities, universities, zoos and private organizations and companies. As biologists we burn for the topics of biodiversity, conservation and preservation of native species.



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