DNA Metabarcoding service


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Animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms, lichen

Sample-/Starting material

Insect traps, ground traps, soil samples, stomach contents, fecal samples, processed foods, animals with parasites, and many more...


Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Reference libraries

Comparison of sequences with the reference Libraries of BOLD database (www.boldsystems.org) and NCBI Genbank (www.genbank.com)

preparation of customized reports (contains e.g., complete list of species, krona graphs, and statistical evaluations)

Results within 2-6 weeks after sample receipt

Economy Run - The cheap alternative for all who can wait a while for their results

You will receive your results within 6-12 weeks of sample receipt

You will receive our Best bulk discounts - even for a small amount of samples!

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