Analysis methods








Sample types




Identification method


Processing time




Species identification of individuals

Individual identification - Unique assignment to target organism


Insect larvae, eggs, adults or parts of unknown animals, fungi, plants


Sanger sequencing - CO1 barcodes

1-2 weeks


Analysis of individuals


Specify Kit as a complete solution




DNA metabarcoding service

Mixed Samples Analysis - Creation of complete species lists from mixed samples

Various mixed samples possible (e.g., insect traps, processed foods, faeces, soil, bark, water or stomach samples)

Next generation sequening (NGS) - CO1 minibarcodes

2-6 weeks

(6-12 weeks Eco-Run)

Analysis of entire mixed samples


Economy Run as cheap alternative




Population genetics

Individuals from same species



Individuals for the purpose of comparison



NGS and Nextera - mitochondrial genome sequencing

2-6 weeks


Analysis of the entire mitochondrial genome for questions regarding population genetics


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