Malaise trap



"Practical information and recommendations on the use of Malaise Traps for insects in biodiversity recording and monitoring"


Abstract from the publication "Praktische Hinweise und Empfehlungen zur Anwendung von Malaisefallen für Insekten in der Biodiversitätserfassung und im Monitoring" by Ssymank et al. 2018 - Series Naturalis Vol. 1 (2018), pp. 1-12 © Entomologischer Verein Krefeld ISSN (online) 2570-1266 (print)1868-6524:


Malaise traps are the best method currently known for the detection of a broad spectrum of flying insects and are therefore used in biodiversity projects and insect monitoring, among others. In this article, the current state of knowledge on the fields of application, the mode of operation and the spectrum of species covered is compiled from the experiences of large research projects. For the application practical hints are given for the standardization of the traps, for the construction, for the documentation of the trap locations, for the sample storage and for the most important first analysis from the biomass measurements over the pre-sorting up to the determination including the possibilities of modern DNA methods.


Further practical notes on types of traps, set-up and operation for the standardization of the methodology can be found in the publication by Ssymank et al. 2018



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