We support the day of the insects 2019. Every fly counts!

Our biodiversity can only be protected if everyone comes together. Like the day of the insects on 20./21.03. with representatives from economy, public and politics.


We are committed to broad insect monitoring throughout Europe and can quickly and efficiently capture biodiversity using our DNA metabarcoding service!

DNA Metabarcoding supports Europe-wide biodiversity study in beech forests

Much of Europe is covered by beech forests (dominated by beech trees Fagus sylvatica). These forests provide a livelihood for many species, including thousands of arthropods. Mushrooms are an important component of functioning forests and are the most important organisms for wood decomposition. The fruit bodies and mycelia of fungi are an important source of food for many insects and other arthropods.


Therefore, the tinder fungus and the associated diversity of arthropods have been investigated in a recent study by Friess et al. (2018). AIM supported this study with their DNA metabarcoding service.

We are official Sponsor of the Entomology Congress 2019 

Come by in Halle / Saale from 11.-14. March 2019 and meet us!

Pests in the warehouse - DNA barcoding uncovers!

Especially when it comes to claims for damages by pests, identification must often be quick and above all accurate. As in the following case, in the summer of 2018 BIO-TECH was able to protect an important customer from high demands with the aid of AIM and our DNA barcoding service.

Integrative Taxonomy as a tool for the determination of species of the smaller arachnid orders

Integrative taxonomy combines morphological species determination by means of classical taxonomy with modern methodological developments like COI DNA barcoding. This helps to recheck species boundaries or search for cryptic species previously undetected by morphological analysis.


In a recent study from 2018 AIM could support in the determination of species of the smaller arachnid orders in Peru using integrative taxonomy.

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